Al Nafees Building Materials

Al Nafees Is to supply and install our products from major companies all over the world. In this activity, we work as a team, dedicated assured and hardworking professionals in our specific area of work. The skills and talents are utilized to meet all customers’ requirements to their fullest satisfaction and contentment.

Ensure high quality and latest wide range of products with very competitive and reasonable price.

Strategic Vision

Create strategic partnership with our clients through total building materials solutions (technical specifications, supply and installation) to become the building material partner of choice.


In every dynamic space we create, we unite people with their surroundings that filled with quality and workmanship.


Our mission is to bring value to our clients by becoming the Building Material solution provider of choice. We will accomplish this by designing and delivering high technical specification, quality products and installation expertise to our clients.


NBM is a strategic building material supplier that delivers high quality product solution above and beyond our clients’ specification without compromising the integrity of the product, budget, or project schedule.


NBM is committed to provide high quality products professionally to the satisfaction of our clients.

Expert Team

  • Experienced professionals with track record of successfully completing projects on time and on budget.
  • We strive to constantly be the functional experts in building material products and solutions to serve our clients with a variety of cost effective solutions.
  • NBM utilizes a professional level of technical expertise to further.

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