Core Competencies


Providing the most efficient method of building maintenance.


Reduction of over-complicated solutions, minimising failures in breakdowns and maintenance.


Managing technical and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


Committed to dependability, availability, and trust.


No accidents or incidents since the company’s inception.


We work with developers, architects, builders and facade contractors and consultants, as well as building managers of existing structures in commercial, residential, bridge and other structures to develop façade access solutions.

Our offices throughout the Middle East allow us to assist at every stage of planning, development or construction.

We can provide full tender proposals, budget figures, building loadings, space requirements and project references, as well as regular and reliable maintenance of existing BMUs.

To find out more, please contact our sales and proposals team.

Our 3,000 sq. m. purpose-built facility houses our Design, Operational, QA/QC and Safety, Sales, Administrative, Purchasing and Accounting departments.

Facilities include :

  • Material preparation bays, including CNC profiling

  • Material fabrication bays

  • Material welding bays

  • Machine shop, incorporating CNC machining centres

  • QA/QC inspection bays

  • Temperature- and humidity-controlled paint shop

  • Assembly and inspection bays

  • Electrical panel building bays

  • Stores


Our internal ERP, workflow strategy, and HR structure allows us to undertake up to $1.5m of throughput per month. Our large capacity means we can meet the demands of many and large projects simultaneously. We use state of the art equipment and best practices to meet client requirements, remaining flexible enough to adapt if these requirements change.