Design Services

Sky Steel Systems utilises the latest Computer Aided Design packages in order to execute both 3D and 2D design. Rapid development of design is realised through 3D design development, and where required 3D animation for proof of concept.

A multinational team of design engineers and draughtsmen make up our design department providing a full spectrum of design services including :

  • Full access solution conceptual design studies for every kind of bespoke and specialised architectural design concepts.

  • Full feasibility design studies and proposals complete with project specification development.

  • Simultaneous engineering solutions to analyse solution concept costs, benefits and practicalities.

  • Full spectrum studies undertaken by our multi-disciplined engineering team for total product solutions or stand alone studies.

NDT and Destructive Testing

All materials are subject to NDT during manufacture through our strict internal QA/QC company procedures. In addition, load testing is undertaken internally & externally by third party inspectorates and certifying bodies.

As Sky Steel Systems develops many new bespoke engineering solutions, component testing is undertaken to destruction either internally or externally where required for certifiable proof of design. Destructive testing reports are incorporated into design reports and form part of the strict QA/QC report procedures.

Design Reviews

Comprehensive review of design concepts are undertaken at the following key project phases:

  • Pre-Build design phase

  • Construction Phase

  • Completed Project status

Sky Steel Systems provide systematic and comprehensive design reviews to assess and develop total access solutions in terms of :

  • Functionality;

  • Architectural impact;

  • Maintainability; and

  • Economical impact; and

All aspects of the design are reviewed and developed to satisfy all requirements with the principal function directed towards simplicity.

Options are developed in design review processes that allow for variations in the concepts for all functions to meet project and customer requirements.

Although offering design review and development services, Sky Steel Systems LLC work strictly to existing project specifications where required to ensure full compliance with all Consultant developed project specifications. In addition to providing viable alternatives in line with changes in Project plans and architectural details during project erection.