Quality & Safety

While the design phase of a construction project can be a fraction of the life-cycle cost of owning and operating a facility, decisions made during the design phase ultimately determine the majority of operations and maintenance costs. Builders, operators, and facility users often have suggestions that can improve the constructability, operability, and long-term usefulness of a given facility, and facade access equipment is a critical element in the life of the building.

Sky Steel Systems engineers and design professionals assist clients and consultants with design development and design review for efficient and effect building facade access solutions. We work with design professionals, owners, developers, and contractors to verify that the design meets the intent of the parties.

The design review process is a mechanism for ensuring design standards, alignment, and diligence throughout the course of the project design process. This process includes ensuring that designs meet appropriate standards and consistency.

The design review process also ensures that the design meets commercial objectives and business goals.

An additional objective of design review is to minimize late-stage changes and associated costs and delays that could be avoided with front-end analysis of the design documents.